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Your trusted partner for IT, media and marketing.

We will tell you which areas of your business can be improved and automated, especially the basic and key ones.
Then we’ll help you acquire new customers and increase sales.
Thanks to a great understanding of many industries on an international scale, we are able to offer the best solutions, which you would not even think of (many times we heard that something is “impossible”).
Finally, you’ll be able to breathe easily because you have a partner who gets the job done without hesitation and takes the initiative.

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We can do a lot!

The solutions we provide cover most aspects of your business.

We select them so that you only pay for what you need or is necessary.

We do way more than just websites.

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Strategia Wzrostu

Umów się na 100% darmową bez zobowiązań 30-minutową konsultację
– o wartości 750PLN –
podczas której pomożemy Ci ustalić co należy konkretnie zrobić,
aby Twój biznes rozkwitł i dalej się rozwijał.

In MAXIT Prosperity I found the right partner to solve various problems in my business. For every question or concern I receive a clear and satisfying answer.
Their combination of commitment, competence and critical thinking leads to excellent results and always to the benefit of my business.
For future clients – I strongly recommend this company.

Tobias Bamberg (E.T.B)

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I am thrilled with how my professional website was created. Based on just a handful of information, a design was created that perfectly reflected the identity of my brand, which I’ve been building for years and most of my life is based on it. This is the first time I’ve dealt with an agency that understood me so well.

Victoria (Goldensquat)

When we first saw the design of the business cards and the rest of the advertising materials, I personally said “that’s impossible”. As it turns out, the MAXIT Prosperity team proves that there is no such thing as impossible and we are only limited by our imagination. They will take care of everything!

Fernando (H.Y.W. Textil)

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